Chapter 10: Things you hear while taking Commerce Without Maths

Teenage Abnormalities:Chapter 10(Long time , no see)

Disclaimer:This is a full on full rant where you can expect a lot of nonsensical outbursts and PJs. So if you decide to proceed kindly do so at your own risk.

Yah.. So long time no see to my ranting self in my blogs. You know the same ranting about being a student in India and now more particularly a going to be Commerce without Maths student in India.

First of all. You don’t take Science. Chalo koi naa. Aaj Kal toh hum log progressive ho gaye hai naa( Being as sarcastic as the people out there taunting you for taking your own decisions for your own life).

So again back to the point. In fact let me cut straight to the point and start my ranting on this close to my heart topic for the nth time.

So. Here are some few pearls of wisdom you get to hear on taking Commerce Without Maths.


1. Accha accha. Commerce Without Maths. Iska Matlab toh humanities lee hai naa./Issey accha toh humanities hee le leti

Now who will tell them,

Ki inke hisaab se chale,

Toh mujhe kabki science le leni chahiye thi.

Second point. I want to study accounts and I wanna study legal studies . And in our education system I can’t study accounts in humanities. It is just not possible.

So I can only take commerce. And for studying legal studies, I can’t study maths. That’s as simple as it gets.

And about commerce without maths being equal to humanities, I don’t get about how a single subject howsoever important it may be can decide what stream a child is studying.

Science bhi toh bacche Bina maths ke lete Hai. Toh woh kya commerce pad rahe with physics and Chem.

Oh sorry sorry. Lekin woh toh science mein hai naa. End mein doctor toh bann hee jayenge ( Not my thinking process btw ).

So everyone saying these dialogues,

Kindly get a life so that you don’t have the time to poke into others’ lives.


2. Options khule rakhne chahiye

Before taking LS instead of M-A-T-H-S, I actually spent weeks finding out my options, and actually prepared a whole chart of Colleges, universities and degrees . My options were open completely open.

Only the mindset of people wasn’t open.

Matlab ki options (which btw meant DU and few other courses) ke liye mein 2 saal ek subject Padoon, usmein boards mein marks bhi laun aur fir finally agle paach salon ke liye regret karoon ki yeh kyon kiya.

Options khule rakhoon?

Next time when you have a child please don’t force them to follow your footsteps (both career wise and mindset wise). You in fact keep your options open for your child.

You know my respect for my humanities friends have actually gone up. Kese jhelte ho yaar.

3. Par tum toh Maths mein acchi ho

Maths is one of my strongest subjects. I admit that. I accept that. And I have got no issues with that. And no. I don’t hate maths. I have no problems with Maths.

You know in class 4th, everyone had formulated the full form of maths.

Meri Aatma Tujhe Hamesha Satayegi.

That time I was like. No yaar, I like maths. Ab actually maths sata rahi. Not for marks but for my peace of mind.(Again this is going to continue being a long rant)

Okay so my point is




Hence proved.

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

All subjects are cool,

So my dear society,(Not dear actually)

Why that’s not the case for you?(No need to answer)

4. 10 saal Kar liya. Kuch saal aur karlo

Isn’t this like kind of the same reason that the society gives to couples who wanna divorce?

Hnn maybe unn logon ka kuch saal means lifetime obviously . Ab India mein divorce thodi naa hota hai.

But this is a reason I’ve got for continuing with maths.

Pehle toh pre nursery,nursery, KG milake 10 saal se upar Kar liya. Doosra. Yeh kya hai?

Yeh reason 2014 election mein toh nahi diya tha.

Toh humko kyon de rahe?

Yaar yahi toh. Aaj maths karwa dena. Kal apni marzi ka course karwa dena. Phir apni iccha anusaar job pe lag waa dena. Phir shaadi bhi karwa dena. Phir bacche bhi karwa dena. Phir expect karna ki mein unki bhi zindagi Zhand karoon.

I mean. Why to go through all that rigorous process ?

Seedha seedha bolo ki beta sochna aur feel karna chhod do. Baaki zindagi aise hee Kat jayegi.

Ab kya hee kare……

So these are 4 reasons I got while choosing not to take Maths with Commerce.

If you don’t get the bullshit in all these reasons,

I really can’t rant more.

Warna legal studies ke paper mein bhi answer kya rant hee naa likh aaun.

So as I start what I would say a new chapter in my life, I desperately hope to eradicate some biases and learn new things, commit mistakes and then hear ki naak katadi tumne.

Kyonki ab toh naak katane mein bhi Mazza aane laga hai.

Let’s just not love each other. Kyonki love toh ho jaata hai. Let’s understand each other . Cause that’s the difficult part.

Okay so I guess enough of my outburst.

Again. #jeeyoAurJeeneDo

Can’t stop emphasizing on this fact. #LoveAndPeace And please do stay safe….

And BTW I am also on Insta: main_apnee_favourite_hoon (No I am not a Kareena Kapoor Fan and yes I am obsessed with myself)

I guess a bit of promotion doesn’t do any harm. So yah finally bye……

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She/Her.Country.Cricket.Creativity. Student both literally and metaphorically.Aspiring lawyer.My eyes open everyday from the hypocrisy in our society. So no choice than learning something new everyday.

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