On our Afghan Women

The voices have been silenced.
Silenced again into the Era of darkness.
They’re no longer women .
Women teachers, women doctors, women activists , women politicians.
They’re no longer young girls with dreamy little eyes.
They’re in there eyes, criminals,
Because somehow by reading a book and taking a pen in their hands,
They violated the teachings of God.
Teachings which they were supposed to understand without ever reading them.
Without ever “understanding” them.

They will be rxped, in the name of producing “warriors”,
Warriors who will slap a girl walking in the street because she was wearing a ring in her finger.

They will be hit publicly, denounced as lowly beings,
Maybe because she tried to escape a marriage ,
Maybe because she tried to treat herself as a human.

Maybe because she was a 12 year old who loved reading magazines and had hidden them in some corner of her house, thinking that maybe the woman on the cover will soon be her.

But those frivolous dreams or characterless dreams as they would say,
Need to be suppressed.
And she needs to give birth to many boys.
To justify her existence.

You either abide by the rules, or you die.
And as they say history never lies,
It always repeats.
And abiding by these rules is just as worse as death if not more.
Living a thousand deaths,
These women have been silenced.
Silenced again into the Era of silence.

Published by Lavanya Gupta

She/Her.Country.Cricket.Creativity. Student both literally and metaphorically.Aspiring lawyer.My eyes open everyday from the hypocrisy in our society. So no choice than learning something new everyday.

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