Yes, I am back. Again with my ranting. Again with the same “vendatta” against our Indian culture.

And again talking about the same old centuries old patriarchy prevailing in our kitchens. Haan waapis se, but then patriarchy has been there since even before the phrase “once upon a time”, so why should I care??

Kitchen- what is a kitchen?

Yah stupid question . Of course.

It’s even more stupid than asking a man to enter it. I know yeah.

Now I am a 11th class CBSE student. Haan boards cancel ho gaye. Uski baath nahi Kar rahi.

I am talking about the language and stereotypes promoted in the books.

For example: when we will talk about the difference between economic and non-economic activity, paid and unpaid work.

Sabse pehla example of unpaid work: mother cooking in kitchen.


Then even in classroom discussions. You know a science teacher would be talking about acids and bases or something(chhod di maine science).

There she will again mention go and ask your mother to show you the detergent . Or some ingredient used to cook. They will always tell you- Go and ask your mother.

Han Indian fathers have not moved beyond the cupboard reserved for snacks. Have they?? Because if they have, then why not mention it in normal examples?

Now some will find this utterly nonsense, or unimportant or overthinking or woh market mein aaj kal kya Naya nikhla hai,

Haan Feminazi?

Okay without responding to such utterly frivolous arguments and wasting my time which I could have utilized in watching Karan Johar movies(BTW that’s a big joke, yeh drama wala part politicians ke speeches se fulfill ho jaata hai)

Traditionally, in our chauvinist world, we have always segregated work according to our egos, our insecurities and our inbuilt patriarchy.

Okay how many of us have heard the phrase “women belong to the kitchen”?

First of all, even today we find more men chefs than women ( jab pese kamane ki baari aayi)

So first of all your statement is inaccurately patriarchal.

Like be precise so that we can refute it. Be precise because patriarchy is a very precise endeavor (just kidding, though definitely it is a really annoying endeavor)

Five star ka multi cuisine kitchen mein banana aur phir babysitter ki Tarah apne pati aur bacchon ko khilana is what do they call it-patni dharm ( I am sure I’m going to be a big sinner if I ever get married then, and definetly a proud sinner)

And jab vahi cheez se pese kamane ki baari aati hai, toh our dear men shud get the jobs. Kyon bhai? Kisikey baraat mein aaye ho tum?

Like , It has been culturally engraved in our minds to picture our mothers working in the kitchen as soon as we hear the term “maa ka pyaar”.

Pati ke dil ka raasta uske pet se Hokar jaata hai.

How many of us have heard this beautiful shit?

First of all. Yeh kaunsi biology hai. I mean I am also a full 10th pass in biology. I know the pulmonary valves in the heart as well. Stomach mein kaunsi enzymes secrets hoti hai woh bhi pata hai. (Pre board mein aaya bhi tha q)

Back to the point.

Yah. So after marriage remember girls,

Your husband is bound to become the judge of Master Chef Australia.

(I Will Not Say All Men, but again all Women)

Sometimes there will be less sugar, sometimes less spice,

And for the beer there will always be less ice.

While I absolutely concur with the sheer pathetic nature of the afore mentioned lines both in letter and spirit,

I would like to appeal to each damn person on this absurd planet,

Let’s try to remove our kitchenairchy. Let’s quote examples of men working in the kitchen, in our washing powder and ghari detergent ads and on and on and on. And please let’s stop those raja beta tropes.

Because if you believe ur sons to be kings of a kingdom that will never exist, have the heart, soul, mind and most importantly the stomach to live with the queens . Then don’t call their wants and needs “tantrums”. Dont call them drama queens.

Raja betas humare desh mein drama kings nahi hai. Lekin Agar ek ladki saamne se bolde ki mein aaj khana nahi banaungi, toh woh ghar ujaad rahi hai.

Women are not Fevicol. They are not supposed to “join” homes. They’re not ur personal chefs . Neither ur secretaries .

Yeh jo hindi picturon se romanticize kiya hai naa. Ki biwi pati ka handkerchief, kapde,tie blah blah blah har din nikal rahi hai, this is not bloody romantic. This is bloody foolish.

Irrespective of whether your spouse is a homemaker, you are supposed to be a goddamn human being who can dress up on their own and remember to switch on the geyser.

And please remember if cred ads are the world, then patriarchy is the windshield of every car in Indra Nagar and there r going to be many Rahul Dravids in that spirit.

Indra Nagar ka metaphor koi aur dhoondlo.

Let’s try to remove our unconscious biases people. As book makers, authors, publishers, teachers, students, And basically every other person.

Kyonki patriarchy ke aage hee, jeet hai.

(And that includes criticizing the toxic masculinity often promoted in these ads)

Published by Lavanya Gupta

She/Her.Country.Cricket.Creativity. Student both literally and metaphorically.Aspiring lawyer.My eyes open everyday from the hypocrisy in our society. So no choice than learning something new everyday.

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