The Battleground

Sitting in my room,

My head hidden under the pillow,

Suppressing the noises;

I was alone in my house.

With my own fears and mistakes.


Breathing heavily,

I finally opened my eyes to see that my room was still the same.

The world was still the place which had always terrified me.

Maybe it will always continue to.

And maybe I was in a battle which many fought.

Some lost, some won, some gave up, some forfeited.


As I walked to the window,

I saw young kids playing on the spooky streets.

Maybe they were eerie just to me.

Maybe this battle wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought.

But before I fought it, I needed some rest.

And so I went, lying my head on the same pillow,

Fighting my inhibitions even in my nightmares.


But I was damn sure that one day they would turn into the sweet dreams,

Everyone wished me.


The war remains to be fought,

And I will let them choose the battleground.


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Published by Lavanya Gupta

She/Her.Country.Cricket.Creativity. Student both literally and metaphorically.Aspiring lawyer.My eyes open everyday from the hypocrisy in our society. So no choice than learning something new everyday.

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