Get Real

1.Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Who is the strongest of all?

An individual present in an election rally without masks.

2.  Bura mat dekho, bura mat suno , bura mat bolo.
Then why is a damn thing called TV debates existent?

3. Name one thing Arnab Goswami and Ekta Kapoor have in common.

Tell me a thing they don’t.

4.  Comedians are banned because they hurt religious feelings.
Priests are not when they ask people to mass murder innocents .

Bottom line.
The religion industry sells more than the entertainment one.
And that “stupid” minority-majority  argument ,
Come on,
Congress and BJP haven’t come out with their election manifesto for the General elections yet.

5.  Women are emotional and irrational when it comes to employing them in higher positions,
And the same women are then supposed to become mature mothers when taking care of your immature sons.

6. Grow up,
They told her.
You are a woman of 60. You can’t wear a lipstick . You can’t find love .
You can’t see the world.
Just remain dependent on your immature children who still haven’t learnt how to tie their laces .
That’s your job.

And she said, shut up bitch . I’m currently on a world tour with a fashion sense no one can beat. Ttyl.

7. A man is supposed to protect a woman,
Yes absolutely.
First tell him to cook his own omlette for a change , then we will talk about how muscular he is.

Published by Lavanya Gupta

She/Her.Country.Cricket.Creativity. Student both literally and metaphorically.Aspiring lawyer.My eyes open everyday from the hypocrisy in our society. So no choice than learning something new everyday.

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