Daughters of India

They say, women are goddesses,
They worship them.

And yet, it takes a brutal rxpe,
To create a sudden conscience in the society,
We waive placards, write two social media posts,
And then the next day character assassinate a woman who accused our favourite actor of sexual assault.

They say ghar ki Lakshmi,
(Symbol of wealth)
And one day they sell their souls,
Dress her up in fancy clothes and atrocious makeup,
And give her away along with the expensive car and fridge.

Beti padao, beti bachao.

And yet when she becomes a CEO,
It is assumed that she has slept her way there.

We don’t wanna be  some goddesses or someone on a pedestal who represents some weird culture that propagates itself by naming and shaming women,
No .

You know why?
Nobody wants to be the “daughter of India by getting rxped.

Published by Lavanya Gupta

She/Her.Country.Cricket.Creativity. Student both literally and metaphorically.Aspiring lawyer.My eyes open everyday from the hypocrisy in our society. So no choice than learning something new everyday.

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