A session between Indian parents-part 2

Not gonna give much of an intro filled with dramatic dialogues . I’m not an Indian parent. Duh 1. I am in a relationship. (Son says) Ladki virgin toh hai naa? ( nahi uncle , bedsheet pe red stain nahi milenge) 2. Pehli baat , that’s so regressive. Second I’m in a relationship with aContinue reading “A session between Indian parents-part 2”

Patriarchy- a confused shit

When a cis-man rxpes a woman,It always comes down to,He is just a boy,He is irresponsible.When it comes to fixing of age for marriage,Girls should have lesser age,Boys are irresponsible.They don’t mature that fast.When it comes to cis men cheating on their partners,It comes to ,Boys are irresponsible. Move on.The girl he was with, sheContinue reading “Patriarchy- a confused shit”

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