Change in Cinema

Bollywood has started changing. Now the number of those typical romantic dramas or entirely illogical comedy movies are decreasing( though very few of them are actually fun) .Yes, they have not stopped and probably will never stop. This year has seen wonderful Patriotic movies like Uri, thrillers like Badla and realistic movies like Gully Boy.Continue reading “Change in Cinema”


Within the unfair politics, grave injustice and deep poverty of the country lies the heart of an Indian which beats for his/her motherland. Corruption is something like blood which flows in each vein. Without it everything seems impossible. From filing a FIR to purchasing a private jet everything contains some form of bribe. Bribery isContinue reading “INDIA-LAND OF HEARTS”

When will we get justice ?

After the Pulwama attack, the government has taken many initiatives to isolate Pakistan. It has stopped all diplomatic and cultural relations with it. Cricket will not be played between the countries with the possibility of Pakistan being banned from playing in the WC only. Also Pakistani artists will not be allowed to work in theContinue reading “When will we get justice ?”

What Is Necessary-IPL or WC

The 2019 ICC Men World Cup will be held in June 2019 while the IPL has been preponed to March. However, there is a big problem. The players appearing in the IPL won’t get enough rest for the WC. Following this, many Indian players have started taking rest in important international series like IND vsContinue reading “What Is Necessary-IPL or WC”


What do these terrorists gain by killing people? What kind of salvation do they gain?What do they gain by killing innocent people? What do they gain by destroying families? What do they gain by spreading hatred and violence? In the name of ‘religion’ and ‘salvation” small teenagers are lured into these organisations. And these terroristsContinue reading “WHEN WILL IT ALL STOP?”

Pulwama tragedy

I salute those 40 brave hearts martyred in the Pulwama tragedy. Those cowards killed my soldiers, our soldiers. 40 families were broken because of those cowards. Those killers have tried to destroy our pride. The whole nation wants one thing now- revenge. Revenge for our soldiers, Revenge for their families and revenge for ourselves. WeContinue reading “Pulwama tragedy”

All that was changed by one cup

When I was a child, I once asked my father if women played cricket. Till the historic year of 2017 women in cricket was unheard of. Except Mithali Raj and Jhulan Goswami no women cricketers existed for Indians. It was same in other parts of the world too. While men continued to play and gainContinue reading “All that was changed by one cup”

my feelings on Pulwama Attack

EACH INDIAN’S PROMISE You attacked our soldiers, You destroyed our peace. You think that we are weak. We are timid, we won’t retaliate, You think that we just know how to negotiate. You killed 40 army officers, You killed our pride, You destroyed our families, You made us cry. Yes, we love peace, We loveContinue reading “my feelings on Pulwama Attack”

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