On our Afghan Women

The voices have been silenced.Silenced again into the Era of darkness.They’re no longer women .Women teachers, women doctors, women activists , women politicians.They’re no longer young girls with dreamy little eyes.They’re in there eyes, criminals,“Terrorists”,Because somehow by reading a book and taking a pen in their hands,They violated the teachings of God.Teachings which they wereContinue reading “On our Afghan Women”

Women-In our own goddamn proud ways

The world wants women.It has always wanted them.So never talk about our worth in this goddamn place. ‘Cause this place needs us.It’s just that while the world wants us,It will not allow us to want.And you know the fun part of that,We never asked you to allow us for anything.You just took it as yourContinue reading “Women-In our own goddamn proud ways”

Shit we hear when a girl is born.

Pre natal sex determination is banned, banned with a Capital B. ‘Cause in a country which loves reproducing , a girl’s birth even today is considered , a) A liability . b) A liability which will be paid off only when she becomes someone’s wife. c) A liabilty which once settled will enter her (ohContinue reading “Shit we hear when a girl is born.”

The place

As I lay down in that place,Secluded from the rest of the world,I realize that the air seems breathable,The life seems livable,The peace seems soothing,But the heart still beats for that place.The place where everything may seem wrong,But where you had set out to create your own right.

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