Chapter 9: Aus India Series and what it taught me

I was a person who used to hate sports and then somewhere around 2017 I started watching cricket. And in a very dramatic manner, my life has never been the same. This India Aus Series which ended today was easily one of the best if not the best moments of my life. Sports teaches youContinue reading “Chapter 9: Aus India Series and what it taught me”

Whatsapp Chats-our new fantasy

Dear whomsoever it may concern( I honestly don’t know who to address ) This is to bring to your attention the rise of a new trend in Indian history, a trend which I find nothing more than laughable, despicable and yes many abuses which I don’t want to mention. The leaking of whatsapp chats. IContinue reading “Whatsapp Chats-our new fantasy”

Creating Thoughts

2. Pushing your limits,And breaking yourself,Is worth only,If you are willing to joinThe broken pieces again. 3..I used to believe that there was a difference,In it being legal or right,I think there is a differenceIn being correct and right too. 4.Your thoughts make youThe person you know yourself to be,Your actions make you the person,OthersContinue reading “Creating Thoughts”

Top 5 instances which freak out Women

Honestly I really don’t know what introduction I should give before starting with the main points so I am just going to get to the main points. (This proves how terrible I am as a conversation starter or in this case a blog starter). 1. Cabs(specially at night) So yesterday I went in a cabContinue reading “Top 5 instances which freak out Women”

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