Change in Cinema

Bollywood has started changing. Now the number of those typical romantic dramas or entirely illogical comedy movies are decreasing( though very few of them are actually fun) .Yes, they have not stopped and probably will never stop.

This year has seen wonderful Patriotic movies like Uri, thrillers like Badla and realistic movies like Gully Boy. Also there have been movies with have beautiful themes like Lukka Chuppi which deals with live-in relationships and religious politics and Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga which deals with lesbian relationships.

Yes, there have been many beautiful movies in the past but then their audience was less too. Now people too have started seeing movies that are different from those Salman Khan typical romantic films or dramas . I know these movies have a loyal fanbase too but still the love for realistic cinema is increasing.

I am so happy that themes like menstruation and LGBT rights are shown in movies and are not treated like sins. Particularly LGBT Rights. I don’t know why but lesbians and gays were made fun of in movies earlier but now support has come for them too.

So, yes there has been a change in cinema and a good one too.


The general elections are going to be held this year. And it is a know fact that it involves a lot of corruption and false promises. In each rally, new promises are made and they are seldom fulfilled.

For winning the elections, the parties can do anything. They resort to wrong practices. Rigging the elections, breaking the trust of people and using the religion angle is something done by each party. And its not that I am targeting a particular party, its for all parties.

The politics tool which I hate the most is that of religion and caste. Politicians try winning the elections by dividing the country . They take one community and say that they would work in favour of it . The country gets all the more divided.

They give money or any other facility and convince people to vote for them. Using force is not uncommon too.

Now, the politicians would not stop this, I am very sure. So, the Election Commission should take proper measures and the common person should also give their vote smartly.


On Friday, the first match of the England-India ODI Series, Part of the Championship trophy was held. India beat England by 66 runs . Out for 202, Ekta Bisht’s efforts helped Team India to beat the opposing side.

India won the 2nd match too by 7 wickets too. England was all out for 161 thanks to Indian pace bowlers Shikha and Goswami(Player of the Match) who took 4 wickets each . India in turn chased the score easily thanks to a fifty by Mandhana and good performances by Mithali and Raut.

So India have clinched the series with the final match to be played on 28th March. Harmanpreet Kaur’s absence has luckily not affected the team’s performance.

Yesterday, the first T20 between India and Australia was also held. KL Rahul played instead of Dhawan. Making a low 126 despite KL Rahul’s efforts, India was already in a tough spot. The middle order and lower order along with Rohit could not do well. Dhoni was not able to play with a good strike rate and the finishers too got out early.

The pitch was not suitable for batting but a score above 140 could’ve been made. But efforts by Bumrah especially his 19th over and fine performances by Krunal and Chahal helped. The bowlers tried to pull back the game. However, Markhande’s debut was not successful and Umesh Yadav’s last over was also unimpressive.

14 were needed of the last overs. Also those batting were tail-enders.However poor bowling and full tosses by Yadav avoided India’s win in a match which was theirs.

So while the women team has clinched the series and will want to win the 3rd match too, the men team will want to draw the series in the next match.


Within the unfair politics, grave injustice and deep poverty of the country lies the heart of an Indian which beats for his/her motherland.

Corruption is something like blood which flows in each vein. Without it everything seems impossible. From filing a FIR to purchasing a private jet everything contains some form of bribe.

Bribery is nothing new. However, each person has hope of ending it. This hope does give birth to officers who serve the nation with integrity. However, this happens more in Bollywood and less in real life.

Politics is considered a world of sins where each person is considered corrupt. Black money is prevalent along with a greed of power and money.

Poverty and illiteracy are never-ending. People don’t have a roof nor a bowl of rice for a living. How to survive?

Crimes keep on increasing everyday with new crimes introduced every week like a new movie release.

Despite this each heart hopes for a change.

When the TIRANGA is waved, each Indian rises to salute it with their head held high. When the National Anthem is played, each Indian sings it with a proud face. When India wins a tournament, each person bursts crackers to celebrate it.

26th January is the day of pride for each Indian while the religious festivals the day of joy. The tricolour Kurtis are worn grandly by the Indians while the regional dresses give them happiness. Each language is considered equal and spoken proudly .

From the Cricket World Cup to the Olympics, from the Elections to the protests against injustice, India comes together with a flame burning inside each heart.

India comes together and fights together. Within the turmoil of corruption and greed there lies hope and aspirations for India. There might be an NRI who has not visited his/her land for years but still calls himself/herself proudly as an India.

There are loads of problems, but the chanting of Jai Hind makes every Indian forget the problems.

Every Indian knows this. So, for each Indian-


When will we get justice ?

After the Pulwama attack, the government has taken many initiatives to isolate Pakistan. It has stopped all diplomatic and cultural relations with it.

Cricket will not be played between the countries with the possibility of Pakistan being banned from playing in the WC only. Also Pakistani artists will not be allowed to work in the Indian film industry. The MNF Status has been withdrawn too. Now the water which is going from India to Pakistan will also be stopped.

But the point is when will the martyred soldiers get actual justice? When will there be any military action taken by the govt.?


Politics Vs Humanity

Politics today has become a mess. A mess of which no one wants to be a part of. Filled with corruption and immorality, it has made life hell for the ordinary citizens.

Why are politicians there for? Theoretically they are there for the welfare of us. But practically, they are there just for getting involved in scams.

How does a person become so immoral when he/she gets into politics? How does he/she start killing people for his/her own benefit? How does he/she play with the lives of people and with the laws of the country? How does he/she despite getting involved in corruption scandals get out of the controversies safely?

During the Pulwama tragedy too, instead of standing with the nation and promising revenge, some of the politicians were busy in putting blame on the political parties and some were so unthoughtful that they tried to protect Pakistan.

Politicians are there for our progress, not for ruining our economy and promoting corruption.

Molestation of boys

One day I was watching Badrinath Ki Dulhania. In that movie, there is a scene about the molestation of the lead character . It was treated in a funny way and I too found it funny.

However, next day I found a post of a person who as a child had been sexually abused and how that scene was hurtful for him. If it were a woman, the scene would have been turned into a social issue. I felt really bad and promised myself that I won’t repeat it.

I am a very big feminist . However, in order to change the society it is necessary to change our mindset in both ways. It is important to treat both genders equally.

What Is Necessary-IPL or WC

The 2019 ICC Men World Cup will be held in June 2019 while the IPL has been preponed to March. However, there is a big problem. The players appearing in the IPL won’t get enough rest for the WC.

Following this, many Indian players have started taking rest in important international series like IND vs NZ and IND vs AUS. But still they would play in the IPL. This would tire them out completely and they would be prone to injuries too, especially fast bowlers like Bumrah and Bhuvi.

Also, instead of resting in the IPL, players are skipping international series. This puts a question mark on their duty and commitment towards their nation. Giving chance to young players is very good but right now the main focus is winning the WC and selecting the WC squad.

Also most cricket boards would be probably calling back their players to prepare for the WC in the midst of the IPL, but would the BCCI do this? Would they for once leave the revenue generated by the IPL for the purpose? If they do this, it indeed would be a brave step.

Really, what is more important, the WC or the IPL? For me it is surely the WC.


Each woman has periods. It is a natural process. Then why do women have to hide it? Even though I am writing about this topic, I myself feel shy talking about my periods.

Women don’t hide their pregnancy. So why periods? Why do they feel shame? This is all about the society . The society still can’t accept this natural process and treats periods as a sin.

With movies like Padman , this issue is being highlighted in the society but still needs more support. We all need to stop treating periods as a sin and a shame and learn to treat it with honour.

So lets understand this simple thing and stop making fun of a girl’s periods and start respecting this important stage of a girl’s life.


What do these terrorists gain by killing people? What kind of salvation do they gain?What do they gain by killing innocent people? What do they gain by destroying families? What do they gain by spreading hatred and violence?

In the name of ‘religion’ and ‘salvation” small teenagers are lured into these organisations. And these terrorists don’t see religion, nationality, gender or age before killing anyone. The Pakistani government supports terrorism. What could it do when those young children were killed in Peshawar?

These cowards think that committing such heinous crimes towards humanity makes them superior, makes them powerful. No, it makes them weak. These terrorists thought that killing 40 unarmed CRPF soldiers in Pulwama or 19 at URI, makes them powerful. NO, these are acts of cowardice.

I don’t know if these terrorists would stop or not. But I really hope that the whole world unites against terrorism and that there is a day when such blogs don’t need to be posted.

Pulwama tragedy

I salute those 40 brave hearts martyred in the Pulwama tragedy. Those cowards killed my soldiers, our soldiers. 40 families were broken because of those cowards. Those killers have tried to destroy our pride.

The whole nation wants one thing now- revenge. Revenge for our soldiers, Revenge for their families and revenge for ourselves. We just don’t want to harm Pakistan by taking the MFN status from them or by stopping all cultural and diplomatic exchanges.

We want to kill those terrorists and those responsible for the attack. I hope that our PM fulfils the promise he has given to our nation.

The thing that disgusts me the most is that the politicians our politicising the issue They are playing the “politics -politics ” game. Oh come on, grow up, the nation is mourning today and you want your own benefit.

I was seeing the various debates and I really loved it when the journalists silenced those corrupt politicians. Also, I was particularly moved by the words of retired Major G.D. Bakshi . I could feel his anguish.

I hope that the government destroys our enemies once and for all.

#We want revenge

#Stop terrorism

#We stand by the CRPF

Religion vs God

People often misinterpret religion and God. They think religion is the way to God. I feel otherwise. God never created religion. No God has ever proclaimed that only the people of a particular religion could worship him.

I don’t believe in religion but that doesn’t mean I am an atheist. I believe in God. We are all the children of God. We are all humans. Then why does religion come between us?

People say they kill others in name of God. Really, will God be happy if one Hindu kills a Muslim or a Muslim kills a Hindu? Will he be satisfies seeing his children killing each other?

What is religion? I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s sentiments but I have always perceived religion as a reason to fight . I have seen bloodshed around me happening because of this one term.

Following a religion is never wrong. If you believe in something, there in no problem. But then respect people of all faiths equally. Stop dividing and discriminating. Come on, we say it is the 21st century, but still we fight on this issue.

This issue has already divided one country into two .Don’t let it divide the whole world.


All that was changed by one cup

When I was a child, I once asked my father if women played cricket. Till the historic year of 2017 women in cricket was unheard of. Except Mithali Raj and Jhulan Goswami no women cricketers existed for Indians. It was same in other parts of the world too.

While men continued to play and gain fame, money and an IPL along with many leagues, women continued to fight for more domestic cricket. Discrimination existed and moreover the cricket boards also encouraged this.

But in 2017 a decision was taken which would change the shape of women cricket. Some of the matches of the Women World Cup were telecasted. Not all but still now one could see the faces of women cricketers on the TV.

It was a close fought tournament with superb teams clashing with each other. The group stage was also filled with excitement. Finally, 4 deserving teams qualified.

England beat South Africa and Harmanpreet Kaur’s 171 not out beat Australia. In the historic final England beat India by 9 runs.

I remember how much I cried on that night. Every Indian cricket fan cried. But what happened was that women were now slowly getting accepted.

The boards now realised that they had a duty towards women cricket too. Young girls now took a bat or bowl in hand and dreamt of playing for India or their respective countries.

The discrimination existed but got cut down to a large extent. Now cricketers were compared with Mithali or Harman or Mandhana not only with Tendulkar. Women found a new voice with cricket.

Contracts were given to women and domestic cricket improved. However they still didn’t get an IPL or test matches.

Except the Ashes, women don’t play any tests. Mithali has herself played only 4. This means there is no first-class tournaments which does hamper the growth of women’s cricket and doesn’t give more players.

Many players opt of this sport or play any other simultaneously. One reason is the lack of pay. A girl who is the sole bread-earner of the family can’t chase her dream because she must provide for her family.

One thing that is being debated over is – Indian Premier League for women. This will empower women and bring more viewership to women cricket.

However, there is lack of a pool of players. Many girls leave cricket as a career either due to the illogical and unfair discrimination in the society or due to other reasons including less pay and fame. Girls need to fight if they want cricket not to be limited only till men.

Also, as I said earlier there are very few domestic tournaments. Talent is not getting nurtured due to lack of opportunities and practice along with pressure from family and society. Playing for the Railways is better with a more stable career.

Only the Mandhanas and Mithalis are getting recognised. The pay structure has been improved in many countries including India and Australia but is still not par with men.

It would take time for the women’s game to reach the men’s, but it would surely. The last year included the Asia Cup, bilateral series, tri-series along with the T20 world cup.

India surprised in the Group Stage by winning all games and beating the mighty Australia but eventually lost out to England in the semi-finals in a match clouded with questions regarding the playing XI.

After beating West Indies, Australia clashed with England in the finals and beat it.

Viewership, T20 leagues, International tournaments and new found-fame marked Women Cricket. There is still a large room for improvement but nonetheless women have managed to reach the hearts of cricket fans across the globe.


Today I watched the film ‘Pink’ . Seeing it me and my mom felt so emotional. A girl’s character is judged on her personal choices . If she drinks , she has a bad character. If she wears a saree, she is a very traditional girl . If she wears short dresses, she gives open invitation to boys.

You know , these ME TOO# movements go in the world. But the irony is that most people who talk about feminism actually themselves see girls like that. But don’t worry, I don’t . People say give freedom to girls, educate them but when they get educated, they say come on get married.

Boys take the family’s legacy forward. Girls are born for the purpose to give birth to boys. This is the view of our society . Why? Why this view?

And when girls prove their critics wrong, they are praised. ” Oh, girls are strong, we need to support girls”. Suddenly these patriarchal people become liberal. They become feminists. They talk about Women Empowerment.

If a girl is career-oriented, she won’t like to have a marriage and have babies. If she wants it, she has to become a homemaker. Girls who have a career don’t want a family . Nothing applies to men. Men can have a career and a family.

Jobs too are segregated. A woman can’t become a wrestler and a man can’t become a model. I am labelled as a tomboy and am often teased of behaving like a boy. Why is there a term called ‘tomboy’? I won’t lie, even I use it but why? Why are girls expected to love makeup and shopping, dislike sports and fighting and be shy. Why should they be emotional and tender-hearted?

Women empowerment is just not about empowering women to become strong . It is about changing the mindset too .

my feelings on Pulwama Attack


You attacked our soldiers,

You destroyed our peace.

You think that we are weak.

We are timid, we won’t retaliate,

You think that we just know how to negotiate.

You killed 40 army officers,

You killed our pride,

You destroyed our families,

You made us cry.

Yes, we love peace,

We love harmony,

But we aren’t weak.

You forgot our revenge,

You forgot Uri,

You forgot that you cowards killed 19 Indians,

And we destroyed you.

Today each army officer makes a promise,

Today each politician makes a promise,

Today each civilian makes a promise,

Today each Indian makes a promise,

With a flame in their hearts.

You dared again to harm us,

You dared again you cowards,

But now you won’t dare again.

We will rise up again,

This time stronger,

You thought you could bend us,

We will bring you on your knees.

You will pay for each drop of blood,

You will pay for each tear,

You will pay for each broken family,

You will pay for destroying each Indian’s pride.

The death of these soldiers won’t go in vain,

Their sacrifice won’t go in vain.

You will die by our hands only,

Just wait, you are going to hell.

You will be reminded of,

Our power,

Our pride,

Our unity

And most of all you will be reminded,


Each Indian today has cried,

Each Indian has felt pain,

Each Indian has felt helplessness,

And we will avenge it.

Listen you cowards,

Listen you killers,

Listen you terrorists,

Our brave soldiers have not died.

They are embedded in our memory,

And in our hearts.

We will come to your land,

Remember that,

And we will kill each one of you mercilessly.

You have seen our mercy,

Now see our brutality.

We promise,

We will wave our Tiranga at your land,

We will one again proudly say “Jai Hind”

At your territory.

You will beg for mercy,

You will beg, you cowards,

But we will kill you.

This is each Indian’s promise,

Remember each Indian has risen again.

Count your days.

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